‘Stuff’ It! I need to take control!

Have been madly busy doing ‘stuff’! I seem to have an awful lot of ‘stuff’ to do! This week I am going to try and get this ‘stuff’ under control, I need to organise myself and decide what I really want to do and achieve and then spent the majority of my time on that, rather than spending the majority of my time on ‘stuff’

I think I need to list the end goals I wish to achieve and maybe work back from them. I also need to prioritise, I keep trying to do everything but I need to realise and accept this is not going to be possible!

I am still exercising, it is keeping me sane and although I haven’t achieved all the results I wanted to I am so much fitter, stronger and more supple. Big tick to managing to exercise pretty much every day. Healthy eating and drinking again is going pretty well, still not lost the stone I need to lose but I feel great and my skin and moods have improved 100% so again Big tick and continue, just tighten it all up a bit, ie smaller portions, less ‘treats’ and stick to the clean healthy foods!

Things to work on, jewellery making, it has come to a grinding halt, I am not allocating it any time or energy, need to refocus and just do some every day.

So tomorrow I am going to try and organise myself and my time. Hopefully I will be able to use this blog as a tool to aid this, we will see.

Off to bed now as I have to get up early to exercise, need a clear well rested head for a mega productive day!

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