Priorities, Gardening and Glasses

I managed a reasonably productive day! I got off to a good start with a workout, I completed Day 28 of the shred and I thought maybe I look slightly slimmer and more toned, which has to be good news.

I had an appointment first thing to get my eyes tested. I wear glasses most of the time but I do have contact lens unfortunately due to astigmatism (my eyes are shaped like a rugby ball instead of a football), they keep shifting around my eye and the whole world blurs, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Anyways, they think they might be able to correct it with a new lens! I am quite excited about the prospect of being able to wear lens full time after wearing glasses since the age of 11. I really don’t mind my glasses and people have always said they suited me but still, to not to have to wear them, it will be as if I am a different person! I have another appointment next week to try the new hard lenses out, so we will see!

I spent most of the afternoon gardening. Up until a year ago I had an allotment but it was really big and with everything else I just couldn’t keep on top of it, so I gave it up. So my new plan is to bring more fruit and veg into my own garden.

I have a small town garden and it has an English Country Cottage Garden kind of feeling about it. It is pretty rammed as I like to try to have plants which are of interest at different times of the year. So I have quite a few evergreen shrubs, and then lots of climbers covering all the fences and walls and its just busy! Currently in flower I have daffodils, camellias, a flowering currant, and hellebores and about to come out are tulips and bluebells. Today I planted into spaces in existing tubs and containers, strawberry plants, sweet peas, mange tout, green beans, and courgettes, in the borders I planted some coloured stemmed chard. I already have some rhubarb, a blackcurrant bush and a gooseberry bush. I am trying to pair things up to make the most of my space. I want it to look lush and green and colourful and like a secret garden. A friend once said they love my garden in the summer because they feel as though its cuddling them, I just thought that was lovely and exactly what I am aiming for.

This evening I have been busy completing my ‘to do’ list. I found a great app on the iPad called Remember The Milk. I have a huge amount I want to get done but hopefully I will at least be able to see how much I am trying to do and make some progress in some areas. I will not be able to do everything and I need to start recognising that.

I think Prioritising needs to be my next goal!

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