Last Day of Shred

I have finally finished my 30 days of shredding! It’s been a bit longer than 30 days with interruptions for Yoga, running, and just collapsing in a heap! but I have got there and I am proud of myself. I haven’t lost a load of weight, I haven’t lost loads of inches, but I am fitter, I am stronger, I am more supple and I feel 100% healthier, happier, and I look better. My skin is clear, my tummy is flatter, my arms are more toned. I may still not have the body of my dreams but it is going in the right direction, (slowly, v slowly!) I just now need to get really serious if I want to lose that last stone and really alter my body shape.

Plan after today is to start running every week 3 times a week no excuses, add in the shred again or Jillian Michaels power yoga, Plus my Yoga class once a week. I also need to concentrate on my food intake, just three meals a day no extra unhealthy snacks and eat clean. I need to cut out those unhealthy treats that creep back into my diet every time! Just say no to biccies, chocolate, cake, crisps, bread, basically crap junk food!

So I am starting again today, I am going to set myself the simple clear cut goal of losing 1 stone in one month! That’s 3.5 lbs a week which doesn’t seem like a huge amount! Famous last words! Well I am going to go for it anyway! Food diary, exercise daily, portion control, eat clean, that’s all I have to do, and if I do it all of the time I will lose it.

Under starters orders……. And GO!

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5 Responses to Last Day of Shred

  1. Congratulations! I just finished it as well! Yay us!

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