Decorating Days


Ok this is my first attempt at a post with photos, so forgive me if the layout is rubbish, and/or photos are rubbish! Part of the reason for my lack of Blogs recently is that we have been re-decorating our kitchen, (interspersed with usual family life, Eldest sons German exchange Student staying for a week, childrens party, school fairs, etc, etc. Remember the days before kids when decorating meant just decorating, interspersed with wine and take aways! The good old days! )

The first photo is part of our kitchen before it becomes a slick, clean, clutter free, designer kitchen! Well that’s the look I am going for! Now my littlest is at school full time and the toys are smaller and more confined to his bedroom I am re-claiming my kitchen as a more grown up space. Hubby really wants to put up a wall hung TV so I might treat him for his birthday!

As I paint and decorate I realise I will be sad to see the end of my flowery, homespun style. that’s the trouble with me I have very varied and eclectic tastes. I love all the mismatched china and vintage clutter, the home made curtains and cushion covers, bright colours and flowers it’s cheery and fun, but I also love the industrial grey, modern, clean, nothing on the surfaces, metal splashbacks, cream, grey and black simple palate. I need to win the lottery so I can have a collection of houses all with different looks and styles!

So to the after photo


Yey go me! I have put two pictures into my blog! I know small things, and it wasn’t actually difficult but still I did it!

In reference to the after photo, I think it looks rather swish! My favourite thing is the blackboard paint, which I was desperate to use after seeing some pictures on Pinterest. I did get slightly carried away as I painted it on the wall as a splash-back, then I used it to update my metal bin, and on a rubber knife block and finally on my youngest sons Table and Chair set. I love the look you get with it, a very sexy matt black, and my son is happy chalking all over his lovely new table.

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